The artist

The Artist

Nigel Short and his wife own an old finca in the mountains of Axarquia, a beautiful area of Andalucia, southern Spain. The area provides a wealth of inspiration for artists with the strong Spanish traditions, diverse culture and stunning scenery.

Nigel began painting seven years ago following a career in teaching Design and Technology. He has a particular passion for watercolour but also enjoys the challenge of oils.

Together with fellow artist Bob Woodhouse the pair have recently formed Axarquia Art, a group formed to bring together all those with an interest in promoting art in the region.

Artist Statement

"The majority of my paintings lean more towards impressionism than realism. It is more important to capture the feeling for the subject than to create a photo realistic copy. Light and shade are the subject. What the light is falling on is of secondary importance. A subject in full sun with dramatic shadows never fails to inspire a picture..... I enjoy the challenge of trying to produce a beautiful painting in watercolour. The time spent getting the drawing just right is never wasted, moving on to planning the areas of tone and contrast and finally, the big moment - that first colour wash. At this stage the feel of the painting is won or lost. Moving into the body of the painting, building up the rich colours, preserving the white of the paper for those highlights and hoping that the paint does what you want it to. Finally onto the finishing touches and the most difficult part - knowing when to stop!"