12 February 2015

Extreme Impressionism?

Romantic_Montmartre_PRINT-1252424412m f57c12a6899b8c8984b91192dab1c17f Oil Bottle tourists 20x16 sold

What’s that then? No, I didn’t know either until Axarquia Art held a workshop on the subject. After some research it seemed to boil down to using very bright colours and slapping on lots of paint, nice and thick. Whilst the concept seemed quite alien to me after working in watercolour for so long I found that I really enjoyed the experience. Looking at the final outcome I realise that I perhaps should have gone for bolder colours but it was certainly slapped on – it will take ages to dry! The images above show three examples of work by people who know what they are doing and my effort, the one which links to the original picture.