02 June 2013

Opening Reception–Riogordo

For Blog2 For Blog3Last night saw the opening of the “Art & Soul – One year on” exhibition at the Riogordo Museum.  This is the second year that my good friend Bob Woodhouse and myself have staged this exhibition.  We had 41 paintings on display mostly new works but also included a couple of old favourites.  The gallery is a marvellous building and we are very lucky to have it in a small town like Riogordo. 

For Blog1 We had a wonderful evening yesterday because we are fortunate enough to live in a community of friends, fellow artists and local people who support what we do and see art as a part of the local culture.  The Deputy Mayor arrived and gave a lovely speech, well we think it was as it was in local Spanish so we only got the drift of it! 
I always find that my artwork goes through a similar process.  I sit at home and produce a painting, if I am pleased with it, it gets framed and it is the addition of that frame which makes it look so much better.  When it is then exhibited it looks better again with good lighting and set amongst other artworks.  But the real buzz comes when somebody compliments you on the work.  The next stage is a real boost – when somebody likes your work enough that they are willing to spend their hard earned money to own it.  Thank you to all who supported the event and in particular those who travelled a long way.  Now we have to get those brushes going to produce the material for next year.
My artworks which were sold at the opening.
Family Outing Twisted Cheeky
Sunshine In The Rain dancer 2 cello
Rain at Casa Roble Ready Musical Legs