02 September 2012

Must be Me!

I started this piece in response to an art challenge on "shootandpaint.blogspot.com" run by Ria Hills in America.  The challenge was to paint a self portrait in a maximum of 30 mins.  Having started with good intentions it soon became clear that I would not leave it alone when the 30 mins was up.  So I carried on until I was happier with the outcome.

It is a strange experience painting yourself as you only really look that closely at small bits i.e. when shaving or getting something out of your eye and not see the overall form.  Thank goodness for laptops and webcams which were great for this task.  The laptop sits in front of a window so the strong light came across at a convenient point to break up the surface and cast some strong shadows off my wrinkles!

I will not be able to submit the outcome for the challenge but it was certainly a challenge of a different type.