23 March 2012

Back to Back Caprine

"Back to Back Caprine"

Back to the goat painting again but they are always a favourite subject.  The endless colour variety and character of these animals provide a continual source of inspiration.  These two were seen just up the hill from our house, along with loads and loads of others but it is still possible to pick out the distinctive ones. If they are too far away to get good pictures for reference material the solution is to take the dog for a walk. The goats are fascinated and come up close for a good look at the dog. Great animals, I never tire of capturing them in Paint.

Watercolour 60cm x 40cm

"A really fine painting. I like the quck touch and the movement, and that you have not panted all the area. Super". -  Erik Morsing

"I am such a fan and being a goat person I always love to see yours" -  Lanita Reitsma

"another great one. Goats don't nearly get enough credit. I esp. like how you got a very good rock effect with just a few slashes of color. Very skillful". - Claudia