27 February 2012

Glass and Egg

This artwork was produced in response to an art challenge set by Axarquia Art, a local art group here in the Axarquia region.  The challenges are designed to stretch our horizons and look into new areas we perhaps would not have done otherwise.  This is an oil painting which is not my thing but I do enjoy using the media despite it being messy and taking ages to dry and being predictable and...... The painting is only a 7 x 5 panel and took an hour and a quarter so it is not a great drain on time and well worth it for the experience gained.
This months challenge was "Eggs" which can be interpreted in any way the artist wishes.  There will be a new challenge set for next month so why not have a go yourself and share your work with the world.  Anybody can participate, not just members of the group.  More details can be seen on the Axarquia Art website and the contributions to the Eggs Challenge here.