12 April 2015

From sex to sax


No red shoes or suggestive situations this time, just straight sax. The other musical instruments I have painted have all been made from wood making the polished surfaces the challenge. This one combined the challenge of the reflective surface and quite a complex structure. Perhaps back to the simpler female form next time.

Saxophone. Watercolour 40cm x 30cm

31 March 2015

At last, shoes off.

Shoes Off

There are so many layers in some parts of this painting that it would probably crack if i tried to role it. The real challenge with this was getting the contrasts between the obscured face and the highlighted shoulder and leg.

Watercolour 40cm x 40cm.

20 March 2015

El Baile Flamenco

El Baile Flamenco

I was watching “The big painting challenge” on the BBC last Sunday. For part of the show the contestants were set the challenge of capturing the drama of a Flamenco performance. The Andalusian influence in my paintings usually surfaces in the form of goats so I thought it was time to branch out into humans.

Watercolour 60cm x 40cm.

05 March 2015

"Horny Old Man" off to Finland

No, I'm not going on my holidays, it's only this painting. The second one to be purchased by a couple from Finland. Now, what shall I paint to fill the gap on our dining room wall?

"Horny Old Man"
Watercolour 40cm x 40cm


21 February 2015



It’s been raining today so here is a painting to show that there is a bright side to inclement weather. Whilst walking the dog this morning we stopped and had a chat with these two ladies. They didn’t moan about the rain but did say it was a little chilly.

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm.