17 June 2014

Jud’s Elephant

Juds Elephant

I’m never too keen to take on a commission as there is always the possibility that the recipient may not like my interpretation of the subject. When I agreed to produce a painting of an elephant I thought it best to cover my options and have a backup ready. The painting shown in the last post, “I’m All Ears”, turned out to be the backup and this one was given as the final piece.

Watercolour 60cm x 40cm


10 June 2014

“I’m all ears”

I'm all ears
This is my first delve into wildlife art. It may have been simpler to have chosen a different animal. Having to look at the animal closely enough to produce a painting made me realise what a strange creature it is. They are all out of proportion, lopsided and lacking in colour, but full of character and charm which easily makes up for their shortcomings.
Watercolour 60cm x 40cm

09 May 2014

“At the bar”

At the bar
I don’t know much about photography so have struggled to get a good enough picture of this painting. A lot of the subtle colours in the darks of the background have been lost, but never mind, I’m happy with the original.
The painting was worked from an image I found on the internet, I think it was a poster. She didn’t have a jacket or red shoes but I thought they were essential for a relaxing drink after work!
What appealed to me about the challenge of painting this image was the lack of visual information available which still enables the viewer to “see” more than there actually is. One and a bit legs, two bits of hand, no body, no face and no head combine rather nicely to produce an attractive, sophisticated woman!
My favourite bit is the top left hand corner with the sleeve and the hand that isn’t all there holding the glass that isn’t there – love it!
Watercolour 40cm x 30cm

26 April 2014

“The Sound of Music”

Sound of music
With the weather getting warmer and warmer here it makes painting with watercolours very different from painting in the winter months. Overall, the darker the painting the more difficult I find it to achieve the finish I am after. On the other hand those long waits for drying are a thing of the past.

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm.