09 July 2015

A Load of Bull

A load of bull

There’s not much to say about this one, except that it’s a bull!

Watercolour 40cm x 40cm

28 May 2015

The wrong bar

"The wrong bar"
The last painting to be finished in time for the June exhibition at Riogordo museum. Great story behind this image, the older woman, the pose, sitting at a bar...... Feel free to share your interpretations.
Watercolour 40cm x 30cm

18 May 2015

"Times Past"

Times Past. Watercolour 60cm x 40cm
The modern olive mill is quite a high tech concern but each February the Riogordo museum demonstrate how things used to be done. The museum is housed in a beautiful old mill which is still able to show how the donkey pulled a large conical stone to crush the olives.

During the month of June, myself and fellow artist Bob Woodhouse will be holding our fourth "Art and Soul" joint exhibition in the museums' gallery. With this painting and approximately 40 others there should be something for all tastes. For those who live locally, please do come along to the opening on Saturday June 6th to meet the artists and reserve your favourite artwork!

12 April 2015

From sex to sax


No red shoes or suggestive situations this time, just straight sax. The other musical instruments I have painted have all been made from wood making the polished surfaces the challenge. This one combined the challenge of the reflective surface and quite a complex structure. Perhaps back to the simpler female form next time.

Saxophone. Watercolour 40cm x 30cm

31 March 2015

At last, shoes off.

Shoes Off

There are so many layers in some parts of this painting that it would probably crack if i tried to role it. The real challenge with this was getting the contrasts between the obscured face and the highlighted shoulder and leg.

Watercolour 40cm x 40cm.