29 January 2015



She may have a lot on her mind but I’m sure she will come up with a solution.

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm

21 January 2015

Can’t win ‘em all

Legs 1

I completed this painting last week and was so disappointed with the end result. Before I start I usually have a vague impression in my mind of what the end result might look like. It often doesn’t end up like the vision but even after “going its own way” I can live with the result. But this time I couldn’t. I was pleased with the sheen on the leg, which took a long time to get right, but apart from that it is not what I wanted. So I started again. Legs 2The second time I decided to concentrate more on the shoes, before realising that cuts out the only bit of the first one I was happy with! Overall the second attempt was no nearer to matching the elusive impression of what I wanted but I persevered and completed it anyway. Not being happy with the second attempt either there was only one thing to do. We all know what they say about try, try and try again, stick at it until you get it right. Well s*d that I’m not doing it again!

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm (both)

12 January 2015

Piazza della Cisterna


This picture was produced as a memento of a couples recent honeymoon. One of their favourite places was San Gimignano and in particular this square, Piazza della Cisterna. If it was to be a memory it had to be fairly accurate and not as “arty” as I would like. However, not to get too far away from the erotic pictures I enjoy doing I couldn’t resist including the woman in the background with the white dress. Fancy standing in a square like that with her bum showing!

18 December 2014



This watercolour was based on a photograph I spotted on the web. It showed a couple sitting in a old fashioned train carriage. What I loved about it was the hidden story. Who are they? Did they know each other? Are there others in the compartment?

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm.

25 November 2014



The story behind a painting should come from the imagination of the viewer.

Watercolour 40cm x 30cm.